Mosquito Control Treatment

Mosquito Control Treatment

Intergrated Pest Management

The treatment and control of mosquitoes begins with complete inspection and analysis of the mosquito prone areas and the surrounding areas. Being incorporated with IMP (Intergrated Pest Management) 5 step program would effectively enable us to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your localty.

Mosquitoes are no strangers to your homes and they rapidly mutliply if temperatures stay warm and tepid. With our mosquito control programme, we help you protect your home from these deadly pests through reducing the present population of mosquitoes and foreclosing new mosquito populations from affecting your life.

Treatment method : Spraying and Fogging :

Our treatment procedure begins with the inspection made by our authorized technical expert; this is undertaken every month in order to locate the breeding sites. After finding the breeding site, the technician can destroy the mosquito larve with a larvacide.

After which the technician looks for the nesting place of the adult mosquitoes such as the tree lines, bushes, shrubs, tall grass areas and other areas. He further treats the adult mosquito populations and prevent further breeding.