Integrated Fly Management

Integrated Fly Management

To us, we primarily focus on sanitation as it is the only to control and prevent houseflies.

No matter how much we clean our home but still there are some hidden or visible creatures can be traced easily. Flies is the most common pest which is easily find anywhere ,they came inside the house and contaminated food and many eatables products because they fly and from one corner to another and even several times these flies sit on nasty things like garbage, rotten food etc. Some pests that we generally traced are lizards, cockroaches, ants and quite often see the silverfish bug. They should be treated as soon as they are traced as they can cause tremendous loss and damage to our belongings. They can dig holes in the wall, pierce through our clothes leaving a yellowish stain on it, and destroy book bindings. They can also scrap the plaster of the wall and make ugly looking holes in it.

Decaying organic matter such as sewage, wet manure etc where flies can easily breed should be cleared and removed from the site. The garbage cans should be frequently cleaned, well-maintained and should have tight lids which prevents the waste products from dropping down.

Mechanical Measures :

  • Using barriers like air curtains, screens, blinds etc.
  • Using electronic fly killers
  • Using pheromone traps, lures, yellow tapes, to name just a few.

  • Chemical Measures : Aerosols are normally recommended to kill and control adult flies. Using effective and eco-friendly insecticides, the breeding and nesting places should be treated to control maggots. Repitition of the services relies upon the level of infestation that has occured in that particular area and also in the surrounding area.